NoLimit-app is your digital coach to help you reach your goals.

Personal Quality Management is based on Total Quality Management, methods that have been used by companies for decades are now available for you to use. NoLimit helps you to make clear goals and set relevant tasks with deadlines for achieving them.  

How does it work?

Set a goal
This is the first step, find a goal that will motivate your increased efforts and stimulate new behaviour. Write why this goal is important and define a realistic timeframe.
Your current situation
Self-assessment identifies your current situation and point out areas you should make improvements towards your goal. We advise that you conduct assessments when you have accomplished some tasks (and reached one or more milestones.)
Set tasks and milestones
To reach you goal you must make changes in your life. Changes are either new tasks or more/less of existing tasks. Break down the path with milestones on the way.
Always updated in your dashboard
Full control on your development with an easy dashboard, always in control over your progress and your actions.
There are relevant tools in the app to help you move on the path towards your goal. We hope you find them useful on your journey – to become a better you.
Join our community
We have a community on Facebook and hope you will join. Here you can share your experiences and development, together we are stronger.

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