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How does it work?

Set a goal
Setting a goal is the beginning and we will help you set a qualified goal through guides and tests. Goals are dreams with deadlines.
Your current situation
Continuously assess your current situation in our six defined areas. Career, Personal development, Family, Friends, Health and Finance.
Set tasks and milestones
There are actions to do if you want to reach your goal, and they will impact areas in your life. NoLimit helps you set tasks, milestones and analyze impacts.
Always updated in your dashboard
Full control on your development with an easy dashboard, always in control over your progress and your actions.
Add tools when you need the extra help, maybe you have habits that are hard to break or time thieves that holds you back from reaching your goals.
Join our community
Tell others about your story and get tips and discussions. Join our community to share your story. Together we are stronger.

NoLimit-app is your digital coach to help you reach your goals

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to become a better you

The dashboard is your progress report. It provides at-a glance views of your progress. We use the overview and drill-down principle, providing the overview you need. By clicking the icons you’ll go into details of the wanted area. This is also where you can navigate to all areas of the app.

    Tasks Overview
    Tasks Overview

    Tasks Overview Provides an overview of all tasks – active, overdue and completed. Clicking any of the six main areas will take you into the detailed section of this area.


      Use our tools to test your current situation and motivate your growth and personal development. Are you stressed? What is your time thiefs?

        Why we created Nolimit-app.