work and life balance

Work-life balance

Research indicates that there is a correlation between lack of work-life balance and long-term sick leave due to stress-related problems. Rising health issues, an aging population, and productivity demands, and high competition require an increased focus on keeping employees motivated, focused and satisfied. Our jobs are a big part of our life but when you have a gap between work expectations and your life situation, stress is inevitable.

What can you do to prevent stress due to bad work-life balance?

As an employer, you want to keep and develop your good staff. As an employee, you want a boss who can understand the whole picture and adjust demands and workload together with your goals and life situation.

We believe that unbalanced expectations and demands from your employer and your personal life are a key factor for stress. Our approach to the problem is not complex:

  • You have to find what is important to you.
  • Analyze your current life situation with a full picture view.
  • Communicate with your manager.
  • Set development plans and goals that fit your total life situation and near future.

Why work-life balance is so important

balance in work and life

We all want to perform, both at work and in our personal lives, but our priorities differ. The phases in our life change how we want to spend our time and focus. This is where the right balance between expectations from work and life is important.

If you are in a phase where you try to build a career and at the same time need to spend time with the family and be present at home, you will face challenges. You need to set your priorities straight. A good employer helps you adjust and optimize your work situation to help you succeed both at work and life.

We suggest you take our stress test in the NoLimit-app. This gives you an indication regarding your work-life balance situation. 

Our NoLimit-app, including the PQM-concept, gives the user a full picture overview and the tools to create strategic and balanced personal development plans. PQM defines what is important for individual growth and provide the best tools to grow. Our methods are based on the well-known Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy. We have mended the TQM methods and tools to suit individual development and work-life balance.

Here is an article on the best companies to provide work-life balance for its employees and that good relationship with the manager is one of the major keys.

/Markus Sulkupuro
The NoLimit Team