Break bad habits

Anyone who has tried to break a bad habit has experienced the trouble with willpower. You want to stick to your plan, but you find yourself standing at a crossroad with many choices. You want to avoid the bad ones, but before you know it, you have left your plan for one minute and you take a step back in your development towards the goal.

So what is the trick to stay committed? Here are my thoughts.

  1. I believe it is the clear greater goal that will keep you on track. If you know why you need to break the old habit and see the positive goal clearly you will end up making better decisions in most of the situations where your will-power is tested.
  2. Try to stay healthy. With a body and mind in shape, your will-power is stronger. When you are tired and not focused, your decision making will be affected.
  3. Replace bad habits with new positive habits. I love to read blogs from James Clear. He talks about the need of not just quit doing a bad habit, but replacing it with a new habit, otherwise, it is much easier to fall back into the old routine.

Use systematic methods to stay focused

My best way to keep a focus on a goal is to visualize it. This means that I need a vision board or some system that serves as a constant reminder of what I am working toward. The “why” behind the goal is crucial as it will serve as a motivator.

Let’s say that your goal is to buy a new house where your family can live. You have many reasons, such as a safer environment for the kids, better schools, and less stress for you when you do not have to spend time fixing broken stuff. If you are truly motivated to make it happen, then create a plan. That’s the reason we created NoLimit. It is your digital personal project manager for your goals. We have the method for you to set the clear goal, analyze your present situation, and the tasks and milestones which is your path.

Set aside regular time daily, if only five minutes, to visualize this goal. The more details you can put in, the better. Put up an image on your refrigerator or choose a song that reminds you. Become emotionally involved, it will help you to push and continue.

/Markus Sulkupuro