Development news

The NoLimit team is excited, we are about to launch an app that is the result of tremendous work and rework. At this stage, the app is about to be tested by a small selected group and after a review from them we will release the app, our aim is to release by mid-March 2017.

Are you ready to start working on reaching your potential and personal goals, we are here to help you.

What is the main flow in NoLimit?
1. Set a goal.
2. Test your goal
3. Self assess your current life situation.
4. Your goal dashboard is the main page in the app.
5. Set tasks, milestone and how this goal will impact your areas in life.
5. Work with your task and milestones
6. Re-assess weekly your current situation.

We are currently working on new tools to include in the app, tools that support and enhance your personal development. Whether you want to change your habits, remove your time thiefs, spend time on the things that are important to you, the tools we build will guide and help you to achieve your goal “to Become a Better You”.

We will keep you updated here and on Facebook.

/The NoLimit Team