Time control or time management is an area in my life I really enjoy monitoring. Time is precious in the way that it does not matter if you are the richest person on earth or just the average Johnson, we are all equipped with 24 hours a day or 168 hours every week. I want to know how I spend my time. Are there ways of changing my habits to have more quality in life?

Since time in itself is a factor we do not influence, we should rather focus on efficient time spending and changing habits. The thing about time is that it is our responsibility to make the most out of it.

Our 168 to spend each week

When you are presented with 168 hours it is easy to think that it is quite many. You might think that there are no reasons to evaluate time consumption. In my perception, I am an efficient person that does not waste time with my established routines and habits.

I was a person like this. I looked at myself as a person who did not waste time and I had strong arguments for all the things I did. Even if it was an evening in front of the TV – did not understand how wrong I was. Changing my habits was difficult when I lacked the knowledge of what unessecary habits I could improve.

Changing my habits

Test NoLimit – time control for 30 days free

When we designed and built the NoLimit-app we discussed the sort of tools to include. A requirement is that it should work as a catalyst to trigger changes for our users. We quickly decided to build a tool that provides us with a better understanding of how we utilize our time and push us out of our comfort zone to do more with the hours we have available.

You can test NoLimit for 30 days and use the Time Management tool – download and register as a user >>>

/Petter Sigvaldsen