When do you complete your goal?

Complete your goal Time flies and we are getting closer to 2019. Have you achieved any goals so far this year? Will you be able to achieve defined goals by the end of 2018? Or do you not set time frames for your goals? Why does a goal need a due date? The answer is simple […]

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A goal setting app built on PQM
goal setting plan

Why you should use a goal setting app built on PQM The first thing you should do when you have defined a personal goal you want to accomplish is to write it down. It is even better when you tell your friends about your goal, then you hold yourself accountable for succeeding. Why not try […]

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The roadmap to reach your goals

Reach your goals “Goals are dreams with a deadline”, and if you write them down you increase your chance to reach your goals. To work towards and reach your goals give positive returns in all areas of your personal life, and when you know exactly what you want it is easier to focus and concentrate […]

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