Time control and changing my habits

Time control or time management is an area in my life I really enjoy monitoring. Time is precious in the way that it does not matter if you are the richest person on earth or just the average Johnson, we are all equipped with 24 hours a day or 168 hours every week. I want […]

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Personal development by using TQM
study effective

Personal development – TQM We believe in peoples’ ability to change. But the biggest hurdle for change is how easy it is to fall back into old habits, and give up before any lasting results are achieved. So our challenge was to find a user-friendly format for combining our strategic quality tools with personal development […]

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Impacts – how to work with your goal
habits goal setting

Impacts, what can they be and how to utilize them. Hello to readers that has followed med from the previous blogs and of course to all new readers in this blog. I am one of the founders of the company that has made the concept and developed the NoLimit-app. We are proud to see developing and […]

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