Dashboard personal development

Know who you are and your situation

To be able to take a step back and reflect on your situation is a key to your personal development. To set plans without proper self-assessment is difficult, to know what you want to achieve and not knowing where you are is like reading a map without knowing your start position.


Self-assessment demands being self-critical –  sometimes you view painful insights. But this will keep you on track with the change process. But anxieties and self-protection needs can get in the way, the fear of being psychologically wounded can also block the ability to deal with the systems feedback or take risks. The self-assessment is taking a selfie without any camera filters. Being able to give an honest and objective assessment of yourself is the toughest aspect of the entire process.

Why are you doing this?

It is important to look at who you are, where you’re at, and what you’re doing—both right now in your day-to-day life, as well as what you’ve done in the past. Use this information to move closer to where you really want to be. Because if we truly sit down and reflect on our actions and habits, we can quickly find that they often don’t align to what our real goals in life are or the person we truly want to become.

What benefits do you get from a self-assessment?

  1. Gain a broader perspective: Self-assessment gives a better insight into your overall situation and strategy.
  2. Help identify the gaps: The information presented in the self-appraisals guides you in evaluating and planning your development process. A self-evaluation process can help identify the gaps that might not have surfaced.

/Markus Sulkupuro