Personal Quality Management is a concept to define what is important to you and the best tools to get there. It descends from TQM-methods used in businesses in decades to improve quality and reach goals. In TQM – Total Quality Management – all actions are with customer satisfaction in focus. With PQM is your own life satisfaction in focus.

The keystones of PQM

  • PQM is a process, you need to make a plan and the step by step work and improve. Real change does not happen overnight, it demands effort and time.
  • PQM is a system to provide an overview of your whole life situation. When you see how one part of your life affects the other, your plans become better and the goals easier to reach.
  • With PQM you can make decisions based on statistics instead of a feeling.
  • PQM is a way to continuously improve performance in every life area using your resources in the best way.

Take a small test to see how well focused your goals are

Goal achievement

We all know what goals are, but do we take an active role in the making and reaching them. Take our test to see how well you work towards your goals.