Is it time to start working with your personal goal? We believe that there is a great value in setting a goal, writing it down and decide the dead-line for achieving it. The goal you had in your head becomes visible, and therefore real and reachable.

This is one of the major purposes with NoLimit-app:

  1. Set your goal
  2. Write down the reasons WHY the goal is important to you
  3. Set your dead-line

Keys of reaching personal goals

One thing is to set a goal, to reach the goal is where the work starts and you have many things that impact your success. In our PQM-concept, we have three important keys for goals.

  1. Your goal – is it the right goal. Set a goal that fits your life situation. Do not set goals that are not reachable. In NoLimit-app, use the goal tests to understand if the goal is the right personal goal for you.
  2. Your current situation – where are you now? Without understanding from where you start, you can not set the road map towards your goal. In the PQM-concept, we have both tests and exercises that help you with finding your current situation. Use, for example, the time management tool to find out how you spend your time. Are there things in your life you need to change to be able to start working on reaching your goal?
  3. The road map – creating the plan towards your personal goal. In NoLimit-app you set your tasks and deadlines along the way. Remember that you need to adjust your plans during the process. Take small steps and celebrate all your accomplished tasks.

Setting goals gives focus

Setting goals are your way to define what dreams you actually can and want to accomplish. With a clear road map, a dream becomes reachable. But you have to understand the impacts in your life, both good and bad. Many times there are things you need to sacrifice to reach your goal. It must be worth it. Make sure your goals are your own and not someone else’s goals or expectations.