app for personal development

App for personal development

The market for personal development solutions is rapidly changing. Reports show that traditional experts and gurus, seminars or week-long retreats are disappearing fast. The demographic is also changing and a younger audience has new demands on how to consume and get good advice.

By digitalization and using apps, webinars, and web-coaching, users get instant access to the tools they need when they want and to a lower cost. But still, how does a user find proof of what tools or products actually will work?

PQM – personal quality management

For us at NoLimit-app, it is important to explain that what we have developed is a personal development system, based on years of experience, where businesses worked with meeting their goals (TQM). Total Quality Management became the jumping-off point for Personal Quality Management, known as PQM.

We believe in peoples’ ability to change. But the biggest hurdle for change is how easy it is to fall back into old habits, and give up before any lasting results are achieved. So our challenge was to find a user-friendly format for combining our strategic quality tools with personal development principles. And we had to design it in such a way that it would push users to stick with the change process for the long term.

goals for 2018

Set relevant goals and tasks

An app for personal development, such as NoLimit, should help you get clear about your goals and set relevant tasks and deadlines for achieving them. It is proven that when you have a clear goal with strong arguments and a deadline it increases your ability to maintain focus. This becomes even stronger when you have the goal in front of you on a regular basis to remind you of what you want to accomplish. Organisations communicate their goal to their employees so that everyone understands what to focus on and why their tasks are important.

“If you cannot measure it you cannot improve it.” – Lord Kelvin

Top athletes use tools to write down their goals on a place they see every day to remind them of why they are doing the things they are doing. You should do the same thing. Nolimit-app will present your goal on the main screen where you maintain your tasks and progress. In NoLimit you can track your progress in 6 life areas. The idea is that you constantly have a big picture view of your goals and progress. This motivates you to continuously grow and improve.

Here is a good article about the difference in focus, and what the big picture view does to a top athletes results compared to an athlete that lacks the full view. >>>

/Petter Sigvaldsen – CEO and quality management expert