Seasons greetings everyone!

We hope you have all had a great 2020 and are looking forward to an exciting and promising 2021.

Although many people do not put up new year’s resolutions due to the fact that statistically we usually fail to accomplish them to the full extent, we know that this is a time for reflection and planning.

In the process of reflection and planning we often experience many thoughts and aspirations, but far too often without a thorough evaluation nor plan. To help you out we have made an exercise you can use for personal reflection and planning so that you will get a better overview of your situation and opportunities.

To get access to the exercise – register to NoLimit-app and start your test period.

The exercise can look overwhelming at first glance, but keep in mind that the process in itself is not insignificant. You should work your way through exercise by reading the questions and then spend time to find answers that are well-considered, do not get frustrated if you do not find clear answers right away – they will come to you eventually.

There are guidelines for how to move forward with your thoughts and the NoLimit-app will facilitate your growth.