Why should I test my goal?

To test the target is not a requirement, but it is a tool to check if your goal is well defined. The rubber band test lets you know if your goal is right or if there are obstacles that you need to work on first. The Whitmore test gives you confirmation that your goal is well defined.

How often should I do evaluations of my situation?

Being able to evaluate and analyse how satisfied you are in the six areas we have chosen is not an exact science, you should evaluate when you feel motivated. Once every week can be a guideline. Then you can click on the radar chart and update your values, when you save, you’ll see how you have developed since the last valuation.

How should I use deadlines on my data?

If you set a task that is not repetitive, then you choose the day you think you can complete the task. If you have set a repetitive task, set an end date for the entire period and how often to repeat the task.

What is the difference between a task and a milestone?

Consider milestones stepping targets towards your ultimate goal, you have intermediate targets on the way to achieve that you want. For your milestones, you can define tasks that will help you achieve your targets.

How do I use Impacts?

Impact is your chance to think, how will these tasks and milestones affect my situation in the six focus areas? An Impact can be both positive and negative, meaning that you should consider and be aware of the effects of striving towards your goal.

Can my calendar sync with NoLimit app’s calendar

Unfortunately not yet, but the app will give you notifications when you have reached the deadline date and the need to act on a task or milestone.