Goals are dreams with a deadline

We all have them, dreams or goals we want to fulfill. Some are small and some are big, but they all have one thing in common. They are not worth anything until the day you decide to achieve them. The day you set a deadline.

A personal goal becomes alive the day you set a deadline and a plan on how you will reach your goal. Then it gets really fun, and you can start working on all the tasks and milestones that will take you closer to the goal line. For example, work with a goal setting app where you can set the goal and a deadline when you want to achieve the goal. This is a good tool to keep you motivated, focused, and committed to the journey of reaching your goal.

We believe in deadlines if you use them right. A deadline should be motivating and not negative pressure. The only way your deadline is a positive pusher is when you know WHY you want to reach your goal and feel MOTIVATED to work. By knowing you need to accomplish something in a particular period of time, you’re less likely to procrastinate on it.

If you do not know why and feel unmotivated, the deadline becomes a burden. But be honest and realistic when you set the goal and deadline. Maybe it will take a year to learn to play Fur Elise on the piano, do not set six months as the deadline.

Reach your life goals

In our life, we all have phases with more and less time for personal development. The goals you have must be aligned with your life situation. Is it smart to set a high career goal at the same time you have small children at home? Do you really have the right focus and time? We all have 24 hours a day, the question is how you want to spend them.

Setting goals that are not aligned with your life phase create stress and low chances to succeed. This is why it is really important to evaluate your life situation, how you spend time, and if you have the right goal. Maybe the goal is right, but there are small adjustments to do before you can start reaching your goal. A typical thing is to change a habit that consumes time you could use better. like watching too much TV or spending time on social media.

It all comes down to being honest and understanding the situation and what possibilities you have. Get the full picture view and plan your personal development with all life areas in mind and what time and energy you can use. NoLimit-app is a goal setting app that helps you assess your situation and work toward reaching your goal with full picture view of your life.


Four steps to reach your goal

  1. Set a goal that fits your life phase. Be honest and understand what time and possibilities you have.
  2. Know WHY you set the goal. This is one of the major motivators to reach the goal
  3. Set a realistic deadline. Use milestones with deadlines on the way.
  4. Use digital tools, like a goal setting app. NoLimit is the best in the market.