Complete your goal

Time flies and we are getting closer to 2019. Have you achieved any goals so far this year? Will you be able to achieve defined goals by the end of 2018? Or do you not set time frames for your goals?

Why does a goal need a due date? The answer is simple and old – without a date, the goal is just a dream. It is when you set a date, you can create the plan towards reaching the goal.

When using a goal setting app, like NoLimit, the first thing you need to do is set the date when you want to complete your goal. Be smart when you set a date, this should not be a date that is close to impossible to reach. Set a realistic date where you have time to work with the tasks and milestones on the way. If your goal is to complete something in the next two weeks, you might have to consider that it’s not a real goal but a task within another goal. Think big.


Commit to the goal – find the will-power

OK, you have set a goal and a created a plan to reach it. Now you need to execute your plan. You will find out if the goal is something that you really want to achieve or something that sounded like a good idea. Do you have the will-power to work hard and commit to the journey and complete your goal?

When you think through your plan you should determine if the tasks and milestones are reachable? Work in small steps, with many victories. Create tasks for your goals that you are able to complete and celebrate the steps and improvements you make. By using the task manager connected to the goal you set, the progress and statistics will help you stay motivated and focused. The app is honest and will tell your successes and when you did not proceed as planned, that’s when your will-power comes in play. Do you have the motivation to deal with defeats?

Celebrate and keep going

To be honest, many goals are not reached. Life changes and things happen that affect your priorities and focus. It is nothing wrong with this, use the tool and adjust your goals and continue the process.

What goals do you set? Is it good to set many goals with short due dates and small plans? We encourage you to think big when you make your goal, where the milestones are the steps you take towards the greater goal instead of making small goals without the big picture view. But what is a big goal? This is your question to answer, but I believe that a big goal is something that impacts all life areas and creates a lasting change in life.

Remember to download NoLimit and test our goal setting process.

/Markus Sulkupuro