A goal setting app built on PQM
goal setting plan

Why you should use a goal setting app built on PQM The first thing you should do when you have defined a personal goal you want to accomplish is to write it down. It is even better when you tell your friends about your goal, then you hold yourself accountable for succeeding. Why not try […]

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The magic of willpower, and breaking bad habits

Break bad habits Anyone who has tried to break a bad habit has experienced the trouble with willpower. You want to stick to your plan, but you find yourself standing at a crossroad with many choices. You want to avoid the bad ones, but before you know it, you have left your plan for one […]

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Set goals with the full picture view
goal setting dashboard

Goals need the full picture view Today we all use various apps and tools to work with our health, financials etc. We can set goals in our fitness app and use it to plan and track the progress. We can set a diet plan in a book, and use the bank app to plan savings […]

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Balance in career and life
work and life balance

The career and life balance Striving for a balance in career and life is a challenge to many people. How am I supposed to prioritize? Is the career goal right at this time in my life? How can I reevaluate and choose between all activities and spare time obligations that stress? There are many questions […]

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Only 9 % achieve their personal goals
reaching personal goals

Do you achieve your personal goals? Achieving goals is difficult, especially if your goals are not a good match for your present life situation. I found a study from the University of Scranton, who made research on Americans and their New Years resolutions. Of the people who gave a resolution, already 30% failed to follow […]

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Self-assessment, key for personal development
Dashboard personal development

Know who you are and your situation To be able to take a step back and reflect on your situation is a key to your personal development. To set plans without proper self-assessment is difficult, to know what you want to achieve and not knowing where you are is like reading a map without knowing […]

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Identify your time thieves, trust in facts

What is a time thief? Can you tell the difference between your time thieves and your productive time? What is a time thief? I try to measure my time spent with the time management tool in NoLimit-app because I want to see the difference between my perceived usage of time and real facts. That is […]

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Stay focused on your goals
set goals for 2018

What goals to achieve in the autumn Summertime has hit us in Europe with a heat wave that has never been seen before. During the summer, where most people enjoy their vacations with family and friends, I always get some time to think and plan for the autumn. What goals do I have? What are […]

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Push your limits and get out of the comfort zone

The comfort zone We often talk about how working towards your goals demands effort and sacrifices in life and that you need to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes more and sometimes less. We all know the feeling, where we feel safe and relaxed, and just doing what is needed and not more. It […]

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Personal development by using TQM
study effective

Personal development – TQM We believe in peoples’ ability to change. But the biggest hurdle for change is how easy it is to fall back into old habits, and give up before any lasting results are achieved. So our challenge was to find a user-friendly format for combining our strategic quality tools with personal development […]

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Use an app for personal development
app for personal development

App for personal development The market for personal development solutions is rapidly changing. Reports show that traditional experts and gurus, seminars or week-long retreats are disappearing fast. The demographic is also changing and a younger audience has new demands on how to consume and get good advice. By digitalization and using apps, webinars, and web-coaching, […]

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The roadmap to reach your goals

Reach your goals “Goals are dreams with a deadline”, and if you write them down you increase your chance to reach your goals. To work towards and reach your goals give positive returns in all areas of your personal life, and when you know exactly what you want it is easier to focus and concentrate […]

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Why use a goal tracking app?

When you need a goal tracking app Today we are all used to our smartphones. We like when technology assists us in our life and the phone is with us for most of the day. Setting and tracking life goals is one of the needs the NoLimit-app covers. The usage of apps to set and […]

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Midlife crisis? – how do you deal with it?

Time for some change in life? How are you? Have you become the person you dared dream of being? Is your age not the way you feel? Do you work in the same place and not trying to reach for that dream job you always wanted? Is it too late? What is a midlife crisis? […]

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The concept – set a good goal
set a goal

How to set a good goal We often talk about the importance of making your own path and trying to stick by that plan, how to set a good goal. On the way, you will hit some obstacles and make some turns but if you have a clear plan it is easier to find the […]

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