work and life balance

The career and life balance

Striving for a balance in career and life is a challenge to many people. How am I supposed to prioritize? Is the career goal right at this time in my life? How can I reevaluate and choose between all activities and spare time obligations that stress? There are many questions that can appear, and especially when you have a family and you need to create a schedule that works.

I read a good sentence in an old article in Forbes – “Focus On Life, Not Work”. For me, this said a lot when it comes to striving for a balance in life that also helps you perform at work. Many people are deeply engaged with the work and focus on being the best possible every day. The problems often start when you do not nurture the other parts in life, your family, health or friends. If the other areas are not in balance, it will negatively influence your ability to be successful and happy at work.

My two most important things are:balance between work and life

  • Eat healthy, sleep and exercise on regular basis.
  • Quality time with my family, friends and loved ones

These two guidelines help me focus and manage the daily life challenges.

The PQM concept which NoLimit is built on is all about creating a balance in career and life. We use the quality management tools to get the full picture view and find the gaps where you need to put some effort and work into reach the goals you have. Change your perspective by first think about the life you want to live, and then about the job and career which fits into that life.

Work balance test

We have created a small test where you can get an overview of your work situation. You find it in the bottom of this post. I believe that stress or the feeling that you are not capable of performing your best comes from the balance in career and life. Are your work and personal life in good balance or do you need to set a goal where the life you want to live is in focus?

Identify a goal

For some, it can be difficult to identify a good goal to work towards. Whether it is to rebuild a relationship with family or friends, career change, personal growth, or build wealth. One thing is certain, if you do not have good answers as to why you want to achieve your goal, it becomes really difficult to reach it.

In a situation where you struggle to set a good and important goal for what to achieve, try to set your goal to “find the things and goals that are important”. Make sure you have balance in career and life.

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Work life balance test

It is a saying that your job will eat you alive unless you take active control of your workload. Take this test and see if you control your work situation, or if it is the other way around and you need to take action.


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