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Do you achieve your personal goals?

Achieving goals is difficult, especially if your goals are not a good match for your present life situation. I found a study from the University of Scranton, who made research on Americans and their New Years resolutions. Of the people who gave a resolution, already 30% failed to follow the path after the first week. After a month 42% failed. According to the results, only 9% felt they actually accomplished to reach their goal.

The top 5 resolutions people set were:

  1. Loose weight / healthier life
  2. Life/ Self-improvements
  3. Better financial decisions
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Do more exiting things

PQM – the full picture view

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In our philosophy, Personal Quality Management, the relations between all areas of your life is vital to setting and achieving goals. Let’s take a look at the first resolution, loose weight and have a healthier life. This is actually a good goal to set and there is a number of tasks to be created. If you look only at your eating habits and training it is fairly simple to set tasks to buy healthier food and set up time for exercising. But is that all?

When you book four hours a week to training, this probably affects other parts of your life. Time with your family, other obligations you have in life, and maybe even your work situation. In PQM, you need to think through and set tasks and impacts on other life areas.

personal goals

When you start changing your eating habits, it might affect financially or how you spend time with friends. Maybe you can’t go out for a drink and pizza on a Friday night. If you do not think through these scenarios, you end up in situations where you need to make fast decisions and where your surroundings impacts. This is where many fail and do not stick to the goal they have set up.

Your personal goals are a positive thing to strive for, but they can become a burden if you’re not clear from the start on what changes and sacrifices you are willing and motivated to do.

Be passionate about your goals and stay committed

When you set a goal, your commitment is the key to success. Do you ask yourself: WHY am I doing this? Is this goal really something I am willing to make other sacrifices for? Because most of the times you need to make some sacrifices in life but they come with an upside for you. If not, the goal is wrong.

The 9% who accomplish their goals are motivated and really wants to succeed. When you have the motivation, shortcuts or deviations from your plan are much more difficult to do because your inner compass will tell you that is the wrong turn.

With PQM we can help you with the process of setting good goals with a view of your whole life situation, and the tools will help you stay focused. But in the end, it’s your belief and motivation that is the key.

/Markus Sulkupuro
The NoLimit Team

Team NoLimit