goal setting plan

Why you should use a goal setting app built on PQM

The first thing you should do when you have defined a personal goal you want to accomplish is to write it down. It is even better when you tell your friends about your goal, then you hold yourself accountable for succeeding. Why not try a goal setting tool?

Where do you set the plan? Use methods that you feel comfortable with if it is a simple calendar where you write down the tasks and milestones and that works for you then fine. With NoLimit you also get the calendar and a place to write down the plan, but a digital goal setting app like NoLimit has more benefits:

  • You will get instant access to your progress with statistics of your work. This motivates and shows if you’re on track.
  • The app provides tests when you set the goal, to help you think and reflect. If you set a goal that has too many obstacles in the way, your chance to succeed is small. Maybe the goal is the wrong one.
  • A digital tool keeps you on track with notifications and alarms.
  • Use the goal setting app to continuously self-evaluate your situation in all life areas.


Using PQM in a goal setting app

We believe in a process where you have control over all your areas in life and you should try to reflect on the impacts when you change something. What is the effect on other parts, and are there other tasks that need to be done? This is Personal Qualtiy Management:

  • Base your decisions on facts. All decisions should be based on substantiated facts, reliable information, and careful analysis. This is why NoLimit measures your time and presents the results to you. Only then can you make decisions based on objective facts rather than subjective feelings. Focus on processes. In other words, focus on your habits. Creating good habits will have a positive impact on your life.
  • Continuous improvement. Don’t aim too high right away. Instead, take small, conscious steps towards continuously improving yourself. Adjust your activities over time with your goals in mind.
  • PQM requires participation. To us, this means your own participation. The app won’t do things for you, but with you. NoLimit is a tool and a set of methods that you will use – to become a better you.

/Markus Sulkpuro