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The app

We call it NoLimit for a reason, there is no limit in your development.

The purpose of the app

The app is built to facilitate people who want to put some effort into their life “To Become a Better You”. Either as a result of personal evaluation/situation or access to this goal tracking app, -whatever triggers them.

In the process of improving one or more areas in your life you will find strategies, tools and techniques that are proven viable for businesses. We have mended them to suit individuals.

We aim to design and develop everything in a way that motivate users and stimulate to continuous personal enhancement.

The time you need to spend in order to get the full benefit of the philosophy.

There are no fixed answers to how much time you should spend on this to achieve your goal. It all depends on how ambitious your goal is and of course the timeline decided to get there. One thing that is certain is that you will have to use time to focus on elements included to move towards your goal and you must have discipline to choose to remove things that gets in the way of moving you towards your goal.

A rule of thumb here would be to start with two bulks of 30 to 45 minutes every week and of course some daily updates. When you have done this for three to four weeks you have the answer whether it is to much, just enough or too little time. We believe you get the best results by spending some time at the end of every week, evaluating the week gone and plan the week coming and then a status session in the middle of the period.

This might sound a bit strict, but it is actually quite simple. If you do not want to make any changes in order to reach your goal, then the goal is not important enough for you. You should either find a new more motivating goal or just leave it the way it is. Remember – the simple rule is that in the end it is you who decide your path in life, others might impact or influence – but it is ultimately your decision. Download your goal tracking app for your right path and right decisions.