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Key Features of the NoLimit-app

The purpose of the app is to facilitate you in your process of improving one or more aspects of your life. With the use of this app you get a good overview and control of the required elements when you move –to become a better you.


You state your goal in the app, write one or several reasons why you want to reach your goal and set a time for when the goal should be achieved.

Goal test presentation

If you want to you can run two simple tests on your goal to check if it is a good goal for you. The tests help you find tasks to help reaching your goal, you eliminate what holds you back and increase the things that pulls you towards the goal.


You navigate from the goals dashboard. Here you find your assessment of how far you have come in any of the areas, providing an overview of the number of tasks you have in each area. You will also see progress in a percentage of completed tasks.


By clicking the buttons you move to the respective area where you do your job, whether you are writing or editing tasks, milestones to your tasks or impacts you have defined to follow your process.


It is easy to write tasks, milestones and impacts and the system keeps track and reminds you when anything is overdue.